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All users must agree to the following before registering. Please read the information very carefully to avoid any confusion.
All users are required to register with in order to participate in any sale. Registering does not entitle or guarantee that you will be able to purchase any item sold on this site. See the information below for more details.
Limited Edition Sales
All prints are made in limited edition runs, and the number of users able to buy a particular print will depend on the size of the edition. Prints are sold on a first come, first served basis. If you obtain a print reservation, you will have 5 minutes to complete the purchase. If the time limit is reached, you will lose your reservation and it will be given to another prospective buyer. We are not responsible for any service interruptions you may experience which may prevent you from purchasing a print. This includes problems with our website, the server it is hosted on, and any problems with the user's web browser and/or computer. Due to the nature of our sales, prints are limited to one per person, per sale. If there are any exceptions to this rule we will announce it prior to the sale. Anyone caught attempting to purchase more than one print will have their orders cancelled, and will be warned or banned from participating in future sales (see below).
Your Personal Information
The information you provide is confidential and will not be shared with third parties for any purpose other than to complete a sale, for instance if using Paypal, your information is shared with them in order to complete the transaction. We are not responsible for the way that information is used or handled once you are on Paypal's website, nor are we responsible for any actions you take once you leave our site.
Any customer caught selling a print purchased from this site at a higher price within a short time of the sale (referred to as “flipping”) will be identified, the order refunded, and possibly banned from buying items from this site in the future. Flipping is a serious disservice to Audrey, and does not allow for her work to be provided to the community as intended. Ideally we would like to provide prints to those who would appreciate it because one less flipper means one more happy fan! By registering with us, you acknowledge and respect this request, and understand the repercussions outlined above should you choose to ignore it.
I understand and agree to the above User Agreement.